DEPATEC – German Partners for Technology Solutions

DEPATEC GmbH & Co. KG – German Partners for Technology Solutions - is an internationally operative business enterprise, which is specialised in exporting innovative products and technologies „made in Germany“.

In doing so, our focus is on the following growth sectors:

  • Energy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Health Care
  • Jewellery Industry
  • Commodities

In this connection, we represent medium-sized companies together with our local representative offices in selected countries and develop new lasting sales markets on location for their product lines.

Our geographical focal point is on the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as well as exclusive countries in the Middle East.

We maintain various foreign representative offices there together with our sales partners (see DEPATEC worldwide).


DEPATEC - worldwide


Installations for environmentally friendly energy production using water turbines.


Health Care
Innovative dental products for laboratories and dentists, as well as anti-allergenic products.
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schmuckJewellery Industry
State-of-the-art cutting diamond tools for high precision surface treatment and finishing
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